It’s starting to cool off outside! With cooler weather comes more nights spent indoors, and those with fireplaces in their home know that a crackling flame makes a cozy evening much more relaxing. If you’re looking forward to enjoying your fireplace to the fullest this fall and winter, then it’s time to get your annual inspectionFall chimney sweeping and inspection - North reading MA - Sweepnman scheduled, and our team is here to help with that!

Take Action To Avoid Fires & Gas Leaks

Why do highly regarded institutions like the CSIA, the NFI, the NFPA, and more all urge homeowners to invest in inspections and maintenance every single year? Because doing so could save you from experiencing some life-threatening scenarios! When damages and excess creosote is present, your chances of experiencing a house of chimney fire increase dramatically. These trigger thousands of dollars in damages, and they threaten the wellbeing of those inside of the home, as well.

Another threat is carbon monoxide exposure. This colorless and odorless gas is known for its poisonous nature, and it has taken the lives of countless people over the years. Noting its presence is next to impossible unless you notice your body’s physical reaction to the gas, and many don’t realize they’ve been exposed until it is too late. Damaged chimneys increase the risk of this substance entering your home, so checking things over before kicking off your burning season is essential.

Our Owner Is A CSIA Master Chimney Sweep

The owner here at Sweepnman, Inc. – Dave Bancroft – is a CSIA Master Chimney Sweep here in Massachusetts, which is an honor not many sweeps have obtained. Certain requirements must be met, and the technician must have held their CSIA certification for at least 9 consecutive (or 18 non-consecutive) years in order to gain it. Along with this, they must complete multiple courses related to this field, earn an NFI certification, and pay a large fee.

All in all, it is no easy feat, and doing so takes a lot of time and dedication. If you’re working with a Master Sweep, you can bet they’re highly experienced and really know their stuff!

Here at Sweepnman, Inc., we set the bar high for our entire team. That’s why all of our sweeps are CSIA Certified Sweeps and CSIA Certified Dryer Exhaust Technicians. We’re also associated with many reputable organizations like the NCSG, the NEHPBA, the NFI, and the Massachusetts Chimney Sweep Guild.

We take education seriously, and we are here to serve you to the fullest. With over two decades of experience serving this area, there isn’t much we haven’t seen, and our 5-star reviews and positive recommendations speak for themselves. Ready to work with a team you can trust for years to come? Reach out to us today!