Want Easier Fireplace Cleanup? Have A Clean-Out Door Installed By Sweepnman!

The comfort and heat of a wood fire is so appealing. But cleaning up after a fire? Not so appealing. Those of us here at Sweepnman want to make it easier for you to enjoy and clean up after your fireplace or stove, which is why we install clean-out doors.

What’s A Clean-Out Door & How Does It Make Clean Up Easier?

A clean-out or cleanout door is a door that’s installed behind the fireplace or on the outside of the attached chimney. The purpose of a cleanout door is to provide access to the ash dump, so that homeowners can easily and effortlessly clean out ash and embers after a fire. Easier cleanup means more reasons to enjoy a fire when temperatures drop. Sounds good, right?

We Install & Replace Clean-Out Doors — Just Give Us A Call!

Do you have an old and rusted clean-out door that needs replacing? Or are you interested in having a clean-out door installed on a chimney or fireplace that lacks one? Keep that white carpet looking fresh and eliminate the chance of any ash cleanup accidents — ask a CSIA-certified chimney sweep from Sweepnman about having a clean-out door installed today. Call 978-664-6642 or request an appointment to have your clean-out door installed right here on our website.


If you want to avoid the expense of a masonry-built chimney, talk to one of our experienced technicians about the advantages of having us install a new Class A chimney.

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