Have You Had Your Chimney Inspected This Year? If Not, Call Sweepnman Today

Having a fireplace or stove can be a real blessing, but you want to know (with confidence) that it’s ready to be enjoyed when you’re ready to enjoy it. You don’t want to have to worry about heat transfer causing a fire, nesting animals in the flue, or smoke billowing back into your home. We don’t think you should have to worry about those things either, and neither does the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), which is why they encourage everyone with a hearth appliance and chimney to have them inspected every single year. A professional chimney inspector will know where to look, what to look at, and how to determine whether or not your chimney is safe and ready to be used.

Is A Level 1, Level 2, Or Level 3 Inspection Needed?

Every chimney flue and every situation is different, and some systems may require a less invasive inspection, while others may require a more invasive one. That’s why chimney inspections are broken down into three levels:

  • Level 1 — How is your fireplace or stove performing? Have you noticed any problems or changes since your last inspection? If not, you can probably get by with a simple level 1 inspection. We’ll look at every readily accessible area of the chimney and fireplace or stove and check for creosote or other obvious signs of damage or concern.
  • Level 2 — Did you have a chimney fire? Are you buying or selling a property? Are you relining or changing appliances? All of these can call for a level 2 inspection, which involves everything in a level 1, but with the aid of a video camera. We’ll snake the camera up or down the flue and get a good look at that interior, an otherwise unseen area as well.
  • Level 3 — If there’s simply no way to resolve or pinpoint chimney troubles with a level 1 or level 2 inspection, we may recommend a level 3 inspection, which can involve some demo work or removal of the chimney and home components. Don’t worry — we’ll discuss all of your options with you beforehand!

You want your chimney to perform safely and efficiently, so what are you waiting for? Schedule your annual chimney inspection today. Call 978-664-6642 or request an appointment online today.


If you’re having trouble with smoke in your home when you’re burning a fire, you may need a draft problem consultation. Ask us for more information on this chimney and fireplace service that we provide.