Sweepnman’s Expert Masons Can Tackle Even The Toughest Masonry Repairs & Chimney Rebuilds

Is the age of your chimney or fireplace showing? Time, exposure to heat, and of course, moisture, can really age and deteriorate even the strongest brick and mortar joints, taking a once beautiful chimney and fireplace, and turning them into eye sores. Whether you’ve spotted receding joints between your brick, holes or cracks in the joints or brick, popping or crumbling brick, discoloration or efflorescence, or another form of masonry damage, rest assured, we can restore your fireplace or chimney to its beautiful former self.

Our team specializes in tuckpointing work and brick replacement, and can even rebuild your entire chimney, if necessary.

Technician laying brick masonry to repair chimney
Technicians planning out a repair by laying brick masonry prior to installation
Two technicians laying brick masonry for a chimney repair

Tuckpointing & Brickwork — When the mortar between your brick is damaged, we’ll start by carefully grinding out the joint. Once the old damaged mortar is removed, a Sweepnman professional with extensive experience in mortar color-matching will color-match a fresh batch of mortar to your existing mortar. Once we’ve got the perfect match, we’ll begin packing that fresh mortar into the joint, smoothing it over, and making sure that the joint is structurally strong and aesthetically pleasing. Throughout the process, we take great care to protect the surrounding brick and ensure the safety and structural integrity of the chimney and fireplace.

If cracked, deteriorating, or discolored brick is the problem, our expert masons can carefully remove the damaged brick from the fireplace and chimney. We are equipped to match the replacement brick to your existing masonry in terms of color, composition, and strength – which ensures the absolute best results. Once we’ve located the perfect replacement brick, we’ll carefully pack fresh mortar around it and leave you with a restored fireplace or chimney.

Chimney Rebuilds — Sometimes a little joint repair or brick replacement here and there simply won’t do. If the chimney is extensively damaged or was poorly built, we can always begin again and give you a stronger, more beautiful chimney. We also extend chimneys when chimney height is a problem. From aesthetic things like bricklaying patterns and brick color to structural and performance things like chimney height and build, we’ll take care of it all.

Of course, we also extend our masonry services to include refreshes and updates. If you’re tired of the brickwork on your fireplace or chimney and want a fresh pattern and a more on-trend look, we can always give your masonry a little makeover. Just let us know what you envision!

We Have The Education & Experience To Do The Job Right

Wherever you live in the North Reading or Westford area, leave your masonry work to those with experience. All of our technicians are Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified chimney sweeps, and Sweepnman founder, Dave, is a CSIA Master Chimney Sweep & an NFI Master Hearth Professional. We invest heavily in ongoing education and we’re confident we can provide the beautiful and strong results you’re after.

To request an appointment to have your masonry inspected and repaired by a Sweepnman chimney and hearth professional, call 978-664-6642 or give us a little info through our website and we’ll reach out to you. We’re here to help!


Call on Sweepnman to fix your leaky chimney before it gets any worse! We’re ready to help with any chimney or fireplace repairs that you need, so give us a call.