Remove Years Of Grime & Staining With Sweepnman’s Chimney Pressure Washing Services

Do you feel good when you pull up to your driveway or do your eyes always go right to the stained and dirty chimney? Let Sweepnman help! We want your chimney to look great because it increases your enjoyment of your home as well as its value and curb appeal, which is why we are proud to offer our neighbors throughout North Reading, Westford, Danvers, Beverly, and beyond chimney pressure washing services.

How Does Pressure Washing Work?

Pressure washing refers to the use of a strong stream of water to remove years of dirt, grime, and vegetation growth from the chimney’s exterior. We simply spray the surface of the chimney, and the power of the water will do the rest.

Although pressure washing could potentially harm damaged or aging brick, the professionals at Sweepnman have the experience and expertise to pressure wash your chimney without causing damage. We know what pressure and techniques to use to ensure a job well done. Plus, we always carefully inspect the chimney before beginning to look for any areas of damage, weakness, or concern. Whether your chimney is prefabricated or masonry, we can restore its beauty quickly and effectively.

Request An Appointment To Have Your Chimney Pressure Washed By An Experienced Professional

Is your chimney taking away from the beauty of your home? Do you think your chimney could benefit from a good sweeping? Don’t spend your Saturday up on your roof scrubbing, let Sweepnman take care of it for you, fast. We’ve pressure washed hundreds of chimneys throughout our service area and we have the experience, equipment, and techniques to ensure a job well done.

Technician pressure washing chimney

To learn more about our chimney pressure washing services or to request an appointment to have your chimney pressure washed, call us at 978-664-6642 or fill out our online appointment request form right here on our website. We’ll take years off of your chimney and give it a fresh look!


A chimney and fireplace sweeping is one of the most frequent chimney and fireplace services we’re asked to perform and with good reason…it’s one of the best ways to get ready for a safe season of enjoying your fireplace!