We Offer Chimney Video Camera Inspections For A Closer Look

We all want to know are that our chimneys are in good condition, but with so much of the chimney system hidden from view, it can be hard to tell. What if there’s hidden damage or blockages? Wouldn’t you prefer to know before you light a fire in the fireplace or before you buy or sell a home? Whether you’re experiencing performance problems with your chimney and fireplace or you just want to be sure you know about any damage so you can take care of it, a video camera inspection can help.

Here are the most common times to schedule a video camera inspection:

  • When you’re buying or selling a property.
  • After a chimney fire or severe weather event.
  • When you’re changing appliances or having your flue relined.
  • When you’re experiencing performance issues.
A chimney video camera inspection is helpful for all of these situations because it provides a close-up look at the interior of the chimney flue, an area that would otherwise be out of sight. We simply use our specialized video camera to capture photos and video of the flue, from top to bottom, so we (and you) know what we’re dealing with. We then provide you with a full report, including recommendations.

Having these reports can help you negotiate real estate deals and make insurance claims, but they’re also just great for your peace of mind. So what’s inside of your chimney? Is it clean, clear, and free of damage or does it need some serious TLC? Find out by scheduling a video camera inspection today! Call 978-664-6642 or reach out through our online appointment request form and we’ll send a certified and experienced professional right to your door ASAP.

Because we offer levels 1, 2, & 3 chimney inspections, you never have to worry about getting the inspection you need. That’s just one of the many chimney and fireplace services we’re proud to provide all year round.

Close up of technician hand pointing out issues during a Video inspection
Technician performing video inspection