We Install Stainless Steel & Copper Chimney Caps & Dampers That Provide Years Of Protection & Service

Sweepnman is all about keeping the chimneys throughout North Reading, Westford, and all of their surrounding communities in great shape. That’s why we install high-quality products that are designed to do just that — like chimney caps and dampers.

Stainless Steel & Copper Chimney Caps

One great way to keep your chimney free of moisture and animals and in excellent condition is to invest in a chimney cap made of    high-quality materials — and Sweepnman can help! We carry chimney caps in a variety of styles, including these:

  • Stainless Steel With Hip & Ridge Lid
  • Stainless Steel Flat Lid
  • Copper With Hip & Ridge Lid
What’s the difference between a flat lid and a hip and ridge lid? Well, a flat lid style cap will have two creases, both diagonal, like an X on top. These creases will work to encourage water to run off of the lid, instead of pooling. A hip and ridge lid style cap, on the other hand, is pitched or angled to encourage water to run off the lid — but this style of cap is also incredibly effective at preventing snow and ice pile up.

All of the chimney caps we install have an overhang to prevent water from dumping down onto the masonry of the chimney or down onto the flashing at its base. These lids also include a mesh screen to keep debris out of the chimney flue and to prevent stray sparks, ash, and embers from landing on the roof or igniting nearby shrubbery or trees. All of our lids are also removable for easy sweeping and inspections.

Top-Mounted Dampers

Ready to save money on utilities, protect your flue against animals and moisture, and put a stop to the cold or hot outside air seeping in through your fireplace opening? Consider investing in a top-mounted damper. These dampers serve as chimney caps and dampers, and can be easily opened when you’re ready to enjoy a fire.

Unlike a throat damper, with a top-mounted damper, you get a rubberized seal that really works to keep cold or hot outside air from coming into your home when your fireplace is not in use. What does that mean for you? A cozier, more comfortable home, less conditioned air waste, and lower energy bills. So don’t let your conditioned air and money go right up and out of the chimney — have a top-sealing damper installed by Sweepnman.

Have A Quality Chimney Cap Or Damper Installed Today

Whether it’s a chimney cap or a damper that you’re needing, professional installation and quality products are just a phone call away. Reach us at 978-664-6642 or request an appointment here on our website today!


Talk to us today about installing a custom stainless steel chase cover for years of protection against water.

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