Do you have a list of things you want to accomplish for 2020? Then, be sure to add a chimney inspection and sweeping to it! Investing in regular professional maintenance is a must if you’re hoping to keep your system functioning as safely and as efficiently as possible, and here at Sweepnman, Inc. A new year chimney inspection and sweeping - North reading MA - Sweepnmanwe’re equipped to help you out with it all.

Keep reading to learn more about the risks involved with operating a faulty fireplace, then reach out to our team to set up an appointment. We’d love the opportunity to work with you soon!

The Dangers Of Creosote

A big reason why yearly maintenance is recommended is so the sweep can check for excess creosote deposits. Creosote is a substance that forms in your chimney as fires burn, and its flammable nature makes it quite threatening to the soundness of your structure. Creosote comes in a few forms. It can light and flaky, sticky and tar-like, or hard, glossy, and glazed. Different removal techniques are required based on the type of creosote you have, but be aware that all forms are dangerous and can cause great harm to your system. That’s why regular maintenance is so important!

So, what exactly happens if your creosote ignites? Well, this would cause a chimney fire. These events are typically quiet and slow-moving, but they can do some serious damage in a short amount of time. Your brickwork and mortar were built to withstand a lot, but the intense heat that comes with direct contact with a fire is just too much for them to bear. They will break down and weaken, meaning cracks, gaps, holes, and all kinds of deterioration will form throughout the chimney.

As you can imagine, openings throughout your masonry can lead to some pretty big issues when trying to light a fire. Any adjacent woodwork will be much more prone to ignite, and you could experience dangerous gas leaks, as well. We especially urge our customers to be aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide exposure. This colorless, odorless gas is highly poisonous and nearly impossible to detect, so doing everything possible to avoid it in your home is a must.

All in all, it’s important to consider whether you’d like to pay for affordable maintenance now or expensive home repairs and medical bills down the line. Our team is ready and able to help, and we have the tools, training, and experience necessary to get the job done right. Don’t put it off any longer – give us a holler today!

Avoiding Harmful Obstructions

Another big reason why sweepings and inspections are so important is to note whether or not you have harmful obstructions in your flue. Your chimney lends an ideal home for birds, squirrels, and other woodland critters, and these animals are known to bring in leaves, twigs, and other outdoor debris in with them. Obviously, running a fire when nesting materials are jammed in your flue isn’t safe for you or the creatures who put them there, so clearing everything out beforehand is always a better bet.

We can get all of that stuff out so that you don’t find yourself with a smoke-filled living space this winter. Smoke in your home can trigger health issues with family members (especially younger kids, older adults, or those with asthma), and it leaves your carpet, rugs, and furniture smelling unpleasant for days on end. Avoid the hassle by having our crew check things over right away. This is one step you’ll be glad you made!

And, if we do note the presence of wildlife or excess debris, we can get a new chimney cap installed, so you don’t have to face these problems again any time soon. Whether you’re missing a cap or your current one is broken down, having a sturdy, properly functioning one is essential. Not only will it stop animals, dirt, and debris from entering, it will also prevent water from getting into your system and causing damage. Talk with our team about getting yours installed as soon as possible!

We Can Check For Damages, Too!

All in all, even if your creosote levels are low and there are no clogs in your system, an annual inspection can reveal whether there are any damages that need addressing or broken down parts that should be replaced. The sooner we tackle these issues, the better, so don’t hesitate to reach out as soon as you can. Just one simple phone call and you can use your fireplace with the peace of mind you deserve all winter long.

Dave Bancroft & His Team Are Here For You

Why is the Sweepnman crew so highly regarded throughout North Reading and Downtown Boston? Well, we consistently put our customers first, and we have decades of experience sweeping chimneys, so you can bet we’ve seen just about everything. Combine that with our dedication to education and our long list of 5-star reviews, and you’ve got a team you can feel good about hiring time and time again.

Don’t put it off any longer. Get an inspection scheduled with our crew today!