Spring is nearly here, and many homeowners are finding themselves putting out the last of their fireplace fires until things cool down again next fall. That being said, it’s important you don’t simply extinguish those final flames, then call it quits! Your fireplace needs care and attention year-round, and our team would be happy to offer our sweeping services, along with any other repair work or maintenance you may need.

All in all, sweepings and inspections are a must for any fireplace owner, and they could make all the difference in keeping your home and family safer and more comfortable throughout any season. Learn more about their history and importance by reading below, then count on us to set you up right with your first sweeping of 2020. We’re here for you every step of the way!

Chimney-Sweepings-Fireplace-Services-An-Overview-North-Reading-MA-SweepnmanThe History Of Chimney Sweeping

Back in Roman times, people finally started moving from having a fire lit in the middle of space to having an actual fireplace where food could be heated and people could stay warm. Move forward to 16th century England, and fireplaces in homes are becoming much more common. By the 17th century, there was a fireplace in every room of many homes.

Unfortunately, there were some rough and troubling times in fireplace history. One example comes in the form of children’s chimney sweeps. You see, back before the appropriate tools and equipment were invented, master sweeps would simply send young apprentices up small flues to clear out the ash, soot, and creosote they found along the way. This led to many young boys getting stuck or burned, and it caused deformities, as well. Many also contracted cancer later in life due to so much exposure to soot and dirt.

Thankfully, awareness of the physical toll this took on young children was eventually brought to light, and this abuse stopped. With better tools and more training, adults were able to tackle these jobs with care and precision, without putting the lives of young boys at risk.

As the popularity of fireplaces grew, their designs and styles began to become more diverse, as well. In today’s world, we can choose from a number of categories (such as fuel type, size, design, model, etc.) until we get the perfect fit for our unique needs and wishes. As you can see, fireplaces have come a long way over time, and in today’s world, they’re known to increase the value of one’s home quite a bit.

Why Are Sweepings & Fireplace Maintenance So Important?

So, why do sweeps nowadays urge fireplace owners to invest in annual inspections and regular sweepings? Well, as we said above, your fireplace is known to increase your house value, which is one big reason to keep it in the best shape possible! While a well-run, properly working fireplace can land you more money in the final sale of your home, a faulty system that needs hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in repair work is going to do more harm than good.

Chimneys should also be regularly swept to avoid excess creosote deposits from forming. What is creosote, exactly? Well, it’s a dark substance that adheres to the walls of your chimney as you light fires. It could be light, flaky, and relatively simple to remove or it could be sticky and tar-like, making things a bit more challenging. In severe cases, glazed creosote is even known to form, which is hard, glossy, and needs the help of strong chemicals to fully remove.

Regardless of its form, creosote is dangerous and flammable, and failing to remove it could result in a chimney fire. Chimney fires are typically slow-moving events that send flames all throughout your interior structure, causing your metal components to warp, your liner to break down, and your masonry to weaken significantly. In the end, you’ll be putting a lot of time and money into your chimney to fix it up and make it safe for use again. If you ask us, it’s a much easier and a lot more affordable route to simply get that sweeping booked now!

Sweepings also ensure there are no nesting materials or flammable debris in your flue before putting the fireplace to use. Animals love to build homes in these safe, sturdy structures, but the leaves, twigs, and other materials they’re known to bring in could easily ignite and put your home at risk. We’ll clear it all out, then make sure you are set up with a reliable chimney cap, so that these problems do not reoccur down the line.

To top it off, a good sweeping done before the summer heat arrives (and your A/C is cranked up) will ensure your home doesn’t become filled with the unpleasant aroma of creosote. Trust us – this is one investment you’ll be glad to have crossed off your spring cleaning checklist early!

Our CSIA Certified Sweeps Have The Skills To Help You Out

So, who’s the best team to rely on throughout North Reading, Boston, and all of their surrounding areas? That’s right – the crew here at Sweepnman, Inc.! We have the skillset and understanding to handle it all, and we would be happy to come out and look your system over. If sweepings, repairs, or new parts are necessary, we can take care of it, and we can also ensure your system is protected from potential water damage since the rainy season is soon approaching.

We’re certified with both the CSIA and the NFI, and we are always taking advantage of training opportunities and educational seminars. All in all, we always put your needs first, and your happiness and satisfaction will remain our top priority through it all. Call today to schedule your appointment with our team!