We Remove Creosote For A Safer Chimney — Even Level 3 Creosote!

Creosote is one of the most dangerous byproducts of combustion because it’s extremely flammable and can easily spark a chimney fire. But what is this byproduct, how is it formed, and more importantly, how is it removed?

What Is Creosote & How Does It Form?

Creosote is formed when condensation occurs as the flue cools and the byproducts of the fire settle and harden along the flue walls. But not all creosote is created equal. Level 1 creosote has a somewhat velvety texture, level 2 creosote is flaky and crunchy, and level 3 creosote is a shiny and tough glaze that’s impossible to remove with sweeping brushes.

How Is Creosote Removed?

Because standard sweeping brushes cannot remove creosote, other methods of removal must be used. Many products with the strength and power to remove creosote would typically have the strength and power to damage the chimney behind it as well, but PCR (Poultice Creosote Remover) is different. PCR is a product that was created to remove level 3 (or third degree) creosote, without damaging the chimney. It works by dissolving the creosote and absorbing it into itself. Once dry, the product (and the absorbed creosote) simply falls away, leaving the chimney free of flammable creosote and the dangers it brings.

Technician removing creosote from chimney

Can Creosote Formation Be Avoided?

The best way to avoid creosote buildup is to make sure all the wood you burn in your fireplace or stove is properly seasoned. Properly seasoned wood is firewood that has been stacked off the ground away from rain/snow and allowed to dry for 6 months or more. Unseasoned wood leads to incomplete combustion and a higher amount of creosote production, so always burn seasoned wood!

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