Are you concerned about the efficiency of your chimney? The problem could be poor airflow. If you think something is off with your fireplace, there’s no time to lose. You should call our team of professionals right now at Sweepnman. You’ll be amazed at how amazing your fireplace will run once draft issues are resolved. Let our crew help you out right now!

Chimney Draft & Your Fireplace

We Can Resolve Your Chimney Draft Problems - North Reading MA - SweepnmanA wide range of things such as improper chimney height and width, poor construction, and damages in the structure can all affect draft in your chimney. In order to burn effective fires and encourage proper airflow, it’s vital that your chimney system is installed correctly. Clogs and blockages can also result in poor airflow. This is why regular sweepings and inspections are so important to the proper maintenance of your fireplace! An annual inspection is very beneficial to the health of your chimney and the efficiency of the system. If it’s time for your chimney to get an inspection, give us a call now.

Benefits Of Better Airflow

With better draft and airflow, homeowners will start to notice a significant difference in the total function of their chimney system. However, when poor airflow is present, smoke and fumes can back up into your home. Obviously, this is very unfortunate and not pleasant for anyone living in your home. Carbon monoxide exposure is another issue that accompany poor airflow, especially with gas appliances. This colorless, odorless gas is impossible to detect, and it is fatal when not addressed promptly. Minimize the risk of exposure to this toxic gas by hiring our team of professionals.

Another benefit of good airflow is more heat output. Better airflow results in a more efficient appliance. If you’re looking to get the most out of your fireplace throughout the cold months ahead, then it’s time to call the professionals right now. You deserve the best care possible, so count on us!

How Can We Help?

Sometimes, draft issues is resolved with a simple professional chimney sweeping. Especially if creosote and other debris have built up and blocked the pathway for air to escape, and your fireplace won’t be able to run safely or efficiently. Our certified team has the tools and experience to clear everything from your chimney, so you’re good for this upcoming burning season.

In other cases, the structure of the chimney and fireplace need to be addressed immediately. Whether you need repairs or a rebuild, our team can handle it all for you. With fall coming soon, it’s time to schedule an appointment with us right now. We’re ready and eager to help!