When your chimney starts to break down and deteriorate, it can lead to lots of frustration. Your fireplace won’t run as well, your structure isn’t as nice to look at, and it can trigger some pretty dangerous situations for your home and family! If you’re ready to say goodbye to masonry struggles, give our team of experts a call. The staff at Sweepnman, Inc. is standing by and ready to help you out!The Process of Tuckpointing - North Reading MA - Sweepnman

What Is Tuckpointing?

What can you do when your brickwork and mortar need help? Well, that’s where tuckpointing comes in. Tuckpointing is the process of removing the old, crumbling mortar and replacing it with new materials. This ensures the chimney stands stronger and remains better protected against potential water damage and future breakdowns.

Tuckpointing is an intricate process that involves finding the exact right color to match your mortar exactly. Some older chimneys date decades back, meaning finding the perfect mix isn’t always an easy ordeal! It takes a lot of time, patience, and skill, but our sweeps are dedicated to doing the best job possible for your chimney and fireplace. Not only will your structure be more sturdy, it will look seamless and aesthetically pleasing, as well.

Do you have bricks that need work, too? Let us help. As with tuckpointing, we’ll work harder than ever to carefully remove the faulty bricks and replace them with a match that looks just like your current setup. In no time, we’ll have your masonry looking good as new, so you can rest easier day after day.

Dangers Of Crumbling Masonry

When your brickwork starts to crack and crumble, some serious issues will arise. These gaps leave open pathways for water to enter, which means you’ll be looking at quite a lot of damage over time. Water breaks things down in a hurry, causing even more crumbling to occur and threatening the structural integrity of your chimney. Excess moisture also brings about issues like rust, rot, and clogs, all of which make your fireplace run much less efficiently.

The more decay and deterioration that occur, the more dangerous your chimney and fireplace become. As things break down, you become closer to a possible settlement or collapse. This could cause a lot of damage and injuries, costing the homeowners thousands in repair work and doctor bills. Along with this, your fireplace will be unsafe for regular use. The more damage you have, the higher your risk of gas leaks and house fires are, both of which can lead to devastating damages and put your family in danger.

If You Live In North Reading, We’re The Team To Trust!

Our crew is CSIA certified and has decades of experience serving various communities in our surrounding areas. Let us work our magic on your chimney, so you come home to the best results, every single day. Get a hold of us now, while summer weather is still upon us and our schedule books are less hectic. We’ll be on the job done in a hurry, so you’re back to normal ASAP! Call 978-664-6642 today or schedule an appointment online!