What is chimney creosote? How is it dangerous? How can I get rid of it? These are questions fireplace owners regularly face, and we are here to answer them all! The experts at Sweepnman, Inc. are educated, experienced, and passionate about keeping their customer base as safe as possible. Learn more about creosote below, then schedule your sweeping with us today.

All About Creosoteblack lumps of creosote

Now, as your wood-burning appliance goes through fuel, it forms a lot of by-products that could potentially threaten the integrity of your structure. The higher these fumes rise in your chimney, the cooler they get, which causes condensation to form. This process produces a harmful residue called creosote, which clings to your liner and can eventually cause a lot of problems for your home.

Now, creosote comes in a few different forms, so knowing how to approach the removal process is a must. This is one reason why trusting a trained professional for the job is so important! If your creosote is light and flaky or sticky and textured like tar, you sweep should be able to eliminate it with traditional sweeping methods. Other times, the creosote may be hard, glossy, and glazed, in which case a different approach is needed.

Glazed creosote (or level three creosote) needs to be handled carefully as removing it without proper products can cause significant damage to your structure. Our team has the training and know-how to get the job done right! When you hire us, you can say good-bye to harmful creosote, without having to worry about the state of your chimney. We’ll have you covered every step of the way.

The Dangers Of A Chimney Fire

Now you know what creosote is, but why exactly is it so harmful? Well, creosote is very flammable in nature and, when it combines with the heat and flames of your fireplace, it can send flames all throughout your chimney. This is known as a chimney fire, and it breaks down your chimney liner, your masonry, and any metal components throughout your structure significantly.

As you can imagine, a chimney that has undergone a chimney fire shouldn’t be put to use. The damages that they create leave pathways through which flames, smoke, and carbon monoxide can escape to your home. Unfortunately, many chimney fires occur without the homeowner even realizing it, which is why scheduling that annual inspection is so important.

If you are eager to kick off the start of your burning season this fall, then count on us to check things over. We can perform a thorough inspection, then let you know of any potential threats we come across. Once we’re through, you’ll be able to go into the cooler months ahead with the peace of mind you deserve!

There’s no time to waste and, with temperatures dropping, our schedule books will be filling up fast. Call today to book a slot that works for you – we’re eager to help you out!