If your fireplace is not functioning as you desire, there maybe a number of reasons why. One problem that poses a lot of threats and needs to be addressed right away is a broken or non-existent chimney liner. It does not matter what type of fuel you use, an unlined chimney is extremely dangerous. It’s very important to call our team of experts to check things out before you light the first fire this winter. Give us a call today!

Threats From Gas Appliance

masonry chimney Gas appliances burn cleaner, and they are known for their convenience. Many people assume they don’t require as much professional maintenance as their wood-burning counterparts, but this is not true. All fireplaces, no matter what fuel type they are, need annual inspections to ensure everything is running properly. These inspections may lead to a relining of your chimney flue.

If the chimney attached to your gas fireplace is not properly lined, you’ll soon be facing a lot of costly and dangerous problems. Your gas unit produces a lot of condensation. This, along with the many water vapors produced, puts a lot of wear and tear on your system! They also eat away at your brickwork and mortar, breaking it down and causing damage all throughout your flue. Is your system one of the newer models? Then, believe it or not, your need for a liner is even more prominent!

The Purpose Of The Chimney Liner

Your chimney liner works hard to keep your system safe from all kinds of damage. Your chimney liner protects your brickwork and mortar, it also protects  adjacent woodwork from catching fire. It doesn’t take long for the extreme heat of your fireplace to reach other areas of your home without a liner. A liner also ensure your system runs efficiently. It reduces creosote accumulation and the threat of carbon monoxide significantly. If you are concerned that your liner needs attention or if your system isn’t lined at all, then it’s time to call our team.

We Use Video Equipment To Check Things Over

Getting into your flue requires advanced video equipment, and our team has the equipment to get the job done! Whether you need your current liner repaired or a completely new liner, the crew at Sweepnman, Inc. can handle it. We work with both HeatShield and Stainless Steel to get you the durable, long-lasting results you deserve. There’s a reason why homeowners in the area trust in us! Give us a call today.