If your fireplace maintenance is complete, then you are probably ready to get fires started in your fireplace with the cold soon approaching. We don’t blame you! Fireplace care is our passion at Sweepnman, and we’re eager to give our customers the advice, guidance, and services they deserve. It’s also important to ensure your fireplace stays in a good working condition too. One way is to burn the right kind of wood.

There’s a big difference between seasoned and unseasoned firewood, and we’re here to help homeowners to be more educated and informed on the right kind of fuel to use in their fireplaces. Our team of experts is ready to serve, and we’re excited to work with you!

Picking The Right Fuel

Selecting The Correct Firewood For Your Fireplace - North Reading MA - SweepnmanWhen purchasing fuel for your fireplace, there are many things to consider when picking the best firewood. You should pick out wood that have been properly cured and dried. Certain characteristics indicate that the wood have dried out for an adequate amount of time. It allows for a cleaner burn and leaves less harmful deposits in your chimney’s interior. It’s better for your chimney and also gives you a more enjoyable burning experience too!

You should also look for pieces that are shorter in length, darker in color, and split at the end. This indicates the wood have been seasoning for at least six months and cutting the logs shorter helps them to dry out quicker. The fresher the log looks and smells, the worse the burn is, so avoid these pieces of wood. Another trick is hitting two pieces of wood together and picking them based on sound. Dried logs tend to sound more hollow, while logs with moisture tend to sound more dull and thud-like. Seasoned wood is also lighter in weight, due to its lower water levels.

Proper Storage Tips

If you’re able to store your own wood, then this is also a great option! It is a good way to guarantee you have well-seasoned wood, but there are some key things to keep in mind. It’s important to keep your wood pile protected, while still allowing it adequate exposure to wind and sunshine. A shed with open sides and a strong roof is an ideal location.

In the right conditions, wood need to be seasoned properly for 6 months, but the longer you store it, the better! It’s well worth it, so invest in high-quality fuel for your next fire. Still, need your yearly chimney inspection? We’re happy to help with that too! Call us now.