Did you know that by scheduling your chimney sweeping now, you can save a lot of time, stress, and money? There are countless benefits to getting this maintenance done now. The trained and equipped team at Sweepnman is here to help.

Beat The Crowds

chimneys on homesOne of the biggest advantages to scheduling your sweeping now is the ability to pick a time slot that is convenient for you. When fall and winter arrive, people become eager to get their fireplace repairs and maintenance completed, which means our books fill up quick! Unfortunately, that means finding the ideal time for everyone is not always a possibility.

If you have a busy lifestyle, and you don’t want to deal with trying to fit a sweeping into your crazy fall schedule, then get it done now. When cold temperatures come back, you will be all set and ready to light fires when you want!

Complete Repair Work

Like we said, finding an appointment is a bit challenging during our busier fall time periods. If we discover further issues with your fireplace, then your fireplace could be out of commission until repairs are complete. Your best bet is to ensure all repairs are taken care of before burning season begins.

Chimney repairs are also typically best done in warmer temperatures. Many of the products we use need the opportunity to cure in a warmer temperature range, so addressing repairs in winter won’t give you the results your chimney needs. Our sweeps will also appreciate doing these intricate repairs when your roof is dry and the weather is warm, as an icy and slippery roof is very dangerous!

Avoid Bad Odors

Summertime heat and humidity often encourage homeowners to crank up their air conditioner. Unfortunately, this can force the foul smells and odors associated with creosote to escape your chimney and swoop through your home, creating an environment that is less than ideal. A thorough sweeping will significantly reduce bad smells, so you aren’t left with a poor aesthetic in your home. If you do decide to light a fire on a cooler or stormy evening, you won’t have to worry about the risk of chimney fires, clogs, or other dangers.

The Sweepnman team is here to help, so give us a call at 978-664-6642. We can’t wait to speak with you about all of your chimney and fireplace needs!