Own a home in downtown Boston? Then, you may require chimney care services! Fortunately for families in this area, as well as its surrounding towns and cities, the team at Sweepnman, Inc. is here to help, and we would be happy to look things over for you. The holidays are officially upon us, so don’t put off the care you deserve any longer. Give our team a holler today!

We’ve Been Sweeping Chimneys Since 1994

chimneys on a roofWhen looking for chimney companies to hire, one important thing to consider is how long they’ve been in business. This not only tells you more about their experience level, but it also indicates whether or not they have been successful for years on end. A business that has been around for quite some time is obviously doing something right!

Although we’ve only been incorporated since 2004, we’ve been serving the area for a lot longer than that. In fact, our owner has been helping homeowners for 25 years now, and we’ve seen just about everything when it comes to chimneys and fireplaces. There’s not a lot that we can’t handle, and our long list of positive reviews from the last couple of decades speak for themselves!

We’re CSIA Certified

In addition to our extensive experience, we allow holding CSIA certifications, which ensures we truly know it all when it comes to handling your system appropriately. Every sweep that works for Sweepnman, Inc. holds this certification, and we are all CSIA Certified Dryer Exhaust Technicians, as well. If your vents are clogged up, we’re the team to call!

The CSIA is highly regarded throughout this industry, and any professional that strives to provide the best services possible will be sure to hold this credential. Not only does this nonprofit excel at training and educating sweeps, but it also provides endless educational opportunities for the public, as well. When it comes to keeping families better protected, the CSIA excels!

To top it all off, all sweeps must sign a code of ethics before receiving this elite status. They must vow to provide honest and accurate assessments, using their knowledge only for the safety of the customers they serve. There are a lot of things that fall under this code, but in the end, you can rest easy knowing your sweep will treat you with professionalism and respect, and that they will adhere to all regulations and building codes.

Our owner is a CSIA Master Chimney Sweep, which is an honor that takes years and dedication to obtain. Only a handful of experts in the state have it! We are also certified with the NFI, members of the NCSG, and associated with countless other organizations in our trade, all of which offer countless opportunities for educational advancement. We truly desire to know it all, so that we can serve you better each and every day.

Our List Of Services Is Extensive

Another big reason why so many people turn to us is that we can handle just about chimney or fireplace problems we come across. This ensures we remain your one-stop-shop for it all! No calling multiple companies to work on various different jobs… just book an appointment with us, and you’ll be good to go from start to finish.

If you’re not sure where your system stands, the best option would be to schedule an inspection. From there, we can suggest further maintenance, such as sweepings, repair work, replacement parts, and more. We even offer power washing, which will get your masonry looking great again and enhance your curb appeal.

When it comes to repairing work, we don’t disappoint, either. If you have a leak or any water-related issues, we offer the following solutions: chimney cap installation, flashing repair/installation, crown repair/rebuilds, and waterproofing services. We can also ensure your brickwork and masonry are completely restored and looking like new again. Whether you need tuckpointing services, some bricks replaced, or part of your system rebuilt, we are here to handle it all.

And the list doesn’t end there! From relining work to smoke chamber parging to fireplace restorations and more, there are truly countless ways we can enhance your set-up, guaranteeing you the best holiday season yet. If you’d like to learn more or if you have any questions regarding the services we offer, please don’t hesitate to call!

We Also Offer Financing

Eager to get your system running, but just don’t have the funds to invest in the professional care you need? Ask us about our financing options. We can figure out a payment plan, so you’re not left with a hefty bill during an already hectic time of year. Putting off care or attempting do-it-yourself options can make matters much worse and put your home at risk, so talk with us about your needs and budget today. We can help ensure a safer and more festive holiday season for you and your loved ones.

Cold weather is here for good, so don’t hesitate to reach out! Our team looks forward to helping with all of your chimney, fireplace, and dryer vent needs.