Communities throughout North Reading and its surrounding areas know how important regular chimney and fireplace care is which is why they rely on our team of experts for it all. We are certified with the CSIA, the NFI, and the HPBA, and we are proud to bring high-quality, mess-free services to our customer base.

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Why Annual Inspections Are Importantbrick house with double chimney

Here at Sweepnman, Inc., we are certified with the CSIA, and we agree with their recommendation that homeowners should invest in one inspection per year. Annual inspections give your sweeps the opportunity to get a good look inside of your system and note whether or not clogs, buildup, or damages are present.

Leaving these issues unaddressed can lead to some dangerous scenarios for you and your household. For example, creosote is highly flammable so, the more you have of it, the higher your chances are of experiencing a chimney fire. This can obviously lead to a lot of structural issues making it unsafe for you to light fires.

Creosote buildup, as well as the presence of nesting materials, leaves, twigs, and other outside debris, can also trigger clogs and blockages which then inhibits airflow. The proper draft is essential when it comes to running your fireplace safely and efficiently, and obstructions in your flue can lead to smoke and other dangerous fumes, like carbon monoxide, backing up into your home.

Is your structure cracked and crumbling? This poses many risks, too. Gases can easily enter your home through these openings, and flames could travel through them and reach your adjacent woodwork. Along with this, your chances of experiencing a settlement or collapse will continue to increase as your masonry weakens.

All in all, addressing chimney-related problems in a timely manner is a must when it comes to running your fireplace as safely and as efficiently as possible. Schedule your inspection today, so you can move forward with peace of mind when your burning season comes back around. Come fall, you will be happy to have this maintenance out of the way!

Beat The Crowds – Call Now!

Many times, homeowners find themselves putting chimney maintenance on the back burner during the summer months. We get it – when the weather is hot and the holidays are far away, this may seem like the last thing you need to worry about! Unfortunately, many others tend to share this view making our fall and winter season a busy one.

Because of this, scheduling an inspection during a timeframe that works well for you can present some challenges. And if you need repair work completed, you may find yourself putting off your burning season for quite some time.

Avoid the stress and hassle by scheduling your inspection and sweeping now. You’ll be able to easily find an appointment time that is convenient for you, and our sweeps will be able to handle any repair work in a jiffy ensuring you are good to go on the first cool fall day. Call now!