Is your masonry looking a little rough? Then, it is time to invest in masonry repair services for your system. Our team offers brickwork repair services such as tuckpointing, rebuilds, and more. At Sweepnman, we can ensure your repairs are well taken care of and your fireplace is ready for use when the burning season comes.

Importance Of A Strong Structure

smoky chimneyAre you wondering whether or not it’s worth investing the time and money into chimney repairs? A few cracks and holes can’t be that big of a deal, right? Actually, even small gaps and minor deterioration can lead to some big problems. Smoke, fumes, and flames do not need a lot of space to sneak through and start causing issues. This puts your home and family at risk, and it affects the efficiency of your structure significantly.

Along with this, leaving damages untreated will only make them worse, and can eventually lead to a lot more issues down the line. Don’t let a minor and inexpensive repair turn into a costly fix or potential rebuild. Rather, invest in the care your system needs now. Our team is ready to help!

Invest In Waterproofing

One problem we see a lot when it comes to masonry is water-related damages. When water penetrates your chimney, it can break things down quick, causing your mortar to flake and brickwork to crumble. You will also notice rusting of your metal components and other deterioration such as rotting and decay throughout your system.

If you are looking to keep your masonry protected for the long haul, then waterproofing services is what you need. Our crew can apply a specially formulated product called ChimneySaver that is designed to cover your structure entirely. It works to keep moisture out of it while maintaining a vapor permeable seal so that fumes, vapors, and pre-absorbed water can escape.

Worried about how this might affect the look of your system? Don’t stress. ChimneySaver does not make your chimney look glossy or coated. Your masonry will still look as good as ever.

Our Team Has Got The Skills & Training To Help You

Our CSIA and NFI certifications ensure that we are equipped to tackle any job. Our experience and knowledge, combined with the leadership of our dedicated owner, Dave Bancroft, ensure that we are ready to take on any masonry repairs you need. We don’t cut corners, and we consistently dedicate ourselves to providing the best care possible for our customers in North Reading and surrounding cities.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let your masonry crack, crumble, and deteriorate any longer. Ensure your fireplace is ready to go this fall by reaching out to the Sweepnman crew today!