We Can Fix Your Broken Masonry!

Offering Masonry Repairs for the North Reading, MA Area

Masonry Repairs LPWherever you live in the North Shore area, leave your masonry work to the team at Sweepnman! We are CSIA certified, along with our founder, Dave, who is a CSIA Master Chimney Sweep & an NFI Master Hearth Professional. We invest heavily in ongoing education and are confident we can provide the beautiful and strong masonry repair results you’re after. So choose us!

Causes and Concerns With Your Masonry

Time, exposure to heat, and moisture can all age and deteriorate even the strongest brick and mortar joints. They can make a once beautiful chimney and fireplace into an eyesore. Whether you’ve spotted receding joints between your brick, holes or cracks in the joints or brick, popping or crumbling brick, discoloration or efflorescence, or another form of masonry damage, rest assured, we can restore your fireplace or chimney to its beautiful former self.


Some of the masonry services we specialize in are tuckpointing & brickwork and chimney rebuilds.

Tuckpointing is used when the mortar between your brick is damaged. We grind out the old joint and pack that with fresh mortar, smooth it over, and make sure that the joint is structurally strong and aesthetically pleasing. Throughout the process, we take great care to protect the surrounding brick and ensure the safety and structural integrity of the chimney and fireplace.

Chimney Rebuilds are needed if a chimney is extensively damaged or was poorly built. We can structurally repair to give you a stronger, more beautiful chimney, as well as extending chimneys when chimney height is a problem. From aesthetic to structural and performance things, we can take care of it all.

Choose Us for the Job!

Call on Sweepnman to fix your leaky chimney before it gets any worse! We’re ready to help with any chimney or fireplace repairs that you need, so give us a call!

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