Stores are starting to put out festive decorations, temperatures are dropping, and families everywhere are making plans for the holiday season. It’s an exciting and busy time of year. If you have a fireplace, you’re probably more than ready to start lighting some fires and enjoying cozy nights in.

Make sure you’re ready to go this winter by calling us in for an inspection. It’s an investment you won’t regret!Holiday Fireplace Inspections - North Reading MA - Sweepnman Inc

Basics Of Fireplace Operation

A lot of things need to work together to help your fireplace function correctly. In fact, just one broken down part can lead to lots of issues. A faulty damper, for example, will hinder air flow, leaving you with a smoky living room. Bad air flow also leads to less efficiency and will encourage the buildup of creosote. Like we said, one area in need of repair can cause a lot of problems!

Another great example of this is the chimney cap. Chimney caps play a vital role in protecting your chimney from bad weather and outside intruders. If it’s missing or damaged, animals will easily work their way into your system, causing clogs, bringing bad odors, and triggering all kinds of annoying problems. Along with this, you’ll notice a lot more moisture, which is one of the worst things your brickwork can be exposed to.

These are just a couple of the many potential issues that could occur if one or more parts of your fireplace and/or chimney are malfunctioning. That’s why calling us in early for an inspection can save you a whole lot of hassle! When we take a look at your chimney every year, we check for necessary repairs, and we’ll be able to take care of these problems before they get any worse.

When it comes right down to it, lighting fires in a fireplace that isn’t well-maintained can wind up costing you a lot in expensive repairs and it puts your home and family at risk, too. Don’t take any chances this holiday season – give us a call right away!

Maintaining A Warmer & Safer Home

As the holidays approach, we want to help you find ways to keep your home as comfortable and as safe as possible. If creosote has built up, we need to address it fast by sweeping your chimney. Running a fireplace that has excess creosote puts you at a great risk for chimney fires. A chimney fire will cause a lot of damage to your system, and it will weaken your structure significantly. This leaves more openings for stray flames to escape and catch adjacent woodwork on fire. A house fire can easily cause devastating damage and puts loved ones in grave danger – definitely not worth the risk!

Count on us to inspect your system, remove creosote, and patch up any holes and cracks. You’ll gain the peace of mind you deserve, and your system will run more efficiently every time you light a fire. Not to mention, you’ll feel a lot more at ease knowing everything has been thoroughly checked over! There’s no time to lose – give us a call now!