Keeping water out of your chimney system is very important, and it’s always better to invest in preventative maintenance earlier than later. With our years of experience and expertise in the chimney industry, you can rest easy knowing your home will be safe year after year. There are lots of things we can do to keep moisture out of your chimney system include replacing the chimney cap, waterproofing, and repairing the chimney crown. Today, we’re going to address the importance of flashing and how investing in it can keep your chimney in great shape, no matter what the weather is like outside.Get Your Chimney Flashing Repaired - North Reading MA - Sweepnman

Information On Chimney Flashing

Chimney flashing is the metal piece that seals the area where your roof and chimney meet. Your roof and chimney are both built with strong materials, but unfortunately, these materials don’t always expand and contract at the same pace. This means gaps and openings are created, making it especially vulnerable to water damage. This also gives rain and snow a clear pathway for entering your home and chimney, causing damage all along the walls and ceilings of your home.

Unfortunately, flashing can become defective due to strong winds, animal tampering, or pooled up water which lead to rusting of the metal over time. Most of the time, the flashing is just installed improperly. When we install your flashing, you won’t need to worry about any issues. All of our team members are CSIA trained and certified. So you can rest easy knowing your chimney is protected year after year.

Why Are Preventative Measures Necessary?

Why is this preventative maintenance such a necessity? After all, water can’t be that damaging to a strong and sturdy chimney, right? Not exactly. Water is actually one of the worst things for your masonry, causing all kinds of issues like rust, rot, stains, and more. As time goes by, decay and deterioration take a toll on your system, and it could eventually lead to a settlement or even a collapse.

Along with this, your brickwork absorbs water quite easily and, as the water freezes and thaws, a lot of excess pressure is put on your entire system. It’s important to stop water from entering your chimney system, so you aren’t faced with costly and time-consuming issues and repairs.

Need Help? We’ve Got You Covered

If your system has already faced some damages, count on us to repair it. We’ll take all of the necessary steps to ensure your structure is stronger and withstands the test of time. If you’ve been putting off your chimney maintenance, it’s time to give us a call. Spring is upon us and our schedule are very open, meaning we can take care of all of your fireplace and chimney flashing needs right away. Call today!