Do you want to guarantee yourself a spot on the nice list this Christmas? Then, you’d better make sure your chimney is swept and cleared for Santa! Help the big guy up North keep his warm coat free from ash and soot this holiday by counting on the team at Sweepnman, Inc. to perform your annual sweeping. Christmas will be here soon, so the time to get on the phone with our team is now!

While staying on Santa’s good side is one major benefit of a pre-Christmas sweeping, there are lots of other things you’ll gain, as well. Learn more below!

Avoiding Costly Repair Workchimney sweeping this winter before Christmas

One main thing sweeps focus on during a sweeping is creosote removal. Creosote is what accumulates in your chimney as fires are lit, and it needs to be removed on a regular basis to ensure your system stays in good shape. Creosote is very flammable so the more you have of it the higher your risk is for a chimney fire.

Chimney fires produce a lot of heat and spread through your entire system, causing all kinds of damage throughout the process. Cracks and holes will form and your entire structure will weaken significantly, making your fireplace unsuitable for regular use. Not only does this put a damper on your holiday festivities, it will cost you an arm and a leg to fix as well!

This time of year can be stressful enough anyway, without adding these issues to your plate. Save yourself time, money, and lots of headaches by calling in our team right away. We’ll clear out your creosote in no time, so you’re good to go for another year.

Keeping Your Loved Ones Safer

Like we said, creosote can trigger a chimney fire which will threaten the structural integrity of your system. Unfortunately, chimney fires are not typically these loud, obvious events, as most imagine they would be. Many times, a homeowner will continue to use their system after a chimney fire because they are unaware that any damage is present. This could lead to flames and dangerous fumes leaking into the home, putting all of the people inside of it at serious risk.

Another threat to your home comes in the form of carbon monoxide. A dirty chimney leads to clogs, which means dangerous fumes and toxins cannot properly escape. Carbon monoxide could easily enter your home, causing some serious illnesses that may lead to death if not readily addressed. Keep your loved ones safer and at ease by getting in your regular maintenance right away.

The Benefits Just Keep On Coming!

Along with ensuring a safer and more structurally sound chimney and fireplace, a well-swept flue guarantees more heat and increased efficiency, ensuring your loved ones get the best experience possible this winter season. Colder days are already upon us and Christmas will soon be here, so call on our team today to get the unbeatable service you deserve! We’ve always got your back.