If you have multiple flues, flues that are shaped a bit awkwardly, or a chimney crown that isn’t easy to work with, then finding a good chimney cap may be a challenge. Luckily for you, there are a wide variety of outside mount chimney caps to meet your every need, and our experienced team can get one installed for you!The Benefit of Chimney Caps - North Reading MA - Sweepnman

Outside mount chimney caps stretch over the chimney crown and attach to the chimney itself, providing you with top-notch protection, no matter what. Ask our crew about having yours installed right away!

Why Install A Chimney Cap?

No matter what type of chimney cap you install, there are countless benefits they can bring your home and chimney. The first and most obvious benefit is their ability to keep water out of your flue. When water and excess moisture is allowed into your chimney, countless issues are likely to form, such as rust, rot, clogs, stains, and a whole lot more. Your brickwork will deteriorate more quickly, and you’ll invite even bigger problems should the freeze/thaw process occur.

With a chimney cap in place, water won’t have the opportunity to enter and cause damage. Along with this, chimney caps keep animals from entering your chimney and building nests to raise their young. The materials they bring in (or sometimes the animals themselves) will block up your chimney and cause you lots of problems down the line.

On top of it all, chimney caps serve as spark arrestors, stopping stray sparks from escaping onto your roof and potentially causing a fire to start, and they help block downdrafts, too. Having one installed is an affordable and easy step for helping your home and fireplace stay a whole lot safer. If your chimney is missing one, call in our experts to help you out today!

Having Leak Issues?

If you have a well-functioning chimney cap installed, but still finding yourself facing issues with leaks and water damage, let our team take a look at your system. Water issues can lie with the flashing, the chimney crown, or the masonry itself, and once we find the problem, we can help you resolve it! Once we’ve got everything patched up right, consider investing in our waterproofing services, so you can rest easy knowing your system is protected for years to come.

Give Us A Call Today!

When it comes to keeping your chimney functioning safer and more efficiently, you don’t want to waste any time. Bring your fireplace and chimney issues to us, so we can help you get back to your normal routine as soon as possible! When it comes to chimney care in North Reading and all of its surrounding communities, there’s simply nowhere better to turn. Call on the CSIA certified crew at Sweepnman, Inc. today!