Have you been hearing critters scurrying in your chimney? Or maybe a nest of baby birds has been keeping you up at night. Whether it is a bird, squirrel, raccoon, bat, or something else, having an animal in your chimney is never good. If you are ready to have the creature removed as soon as possible, depend on our crew every step of the way.

Hazards Of Animals In Your Chimneytwo birds in nest on a chimney

A big reason animals start settling down in your chimney is because it is warm, strong, and keeps them protected from the elements. Many times, once animals discover an open flue, they quickly start to build a nesting spot to raise their young. As you can imagine, this could lead to numerous problems when you go to light a fire next fall.

First of all, these nesting materials clog things up. This means airflow will be restricted, drafting issues will occur, and you will likely experience smoke and other potentially harmful gases, like carbon monoxide, backing up into your home.

Along with this, pretty much all nesting materials are flammable, putting your liner, roof, and adjacent woodwork in a vulnerable spot. If these areas overheat or catch on fire, it won’t be long before flames spread through the rest of your house putting those within in serious danger.

All in all, your system will run much less efficiently, and you will face some major threats to your home. It’s not worth taking any chances, so count on our team to get you set up right well before cooler weather comes back around. When you go to light the first fire of the burning season, you will be relieved to know your flue is clean and working well.

How Can I Keep Animals Out For Good?

Once the expert crew here at Sweepnman, Inc. humanely removes the wildlife and cleans out any leaves, twigs, or dirt the animals brought in with them, we can provide you with a sturdy, well-fitted chimney cap to ensure your chimney stays better protected for the long haul. A chimney cap fits right over your flue so that animals are not allowed easy access inside of it. This is a surefire way to keep those curious critters out for good!

Hire Us For An Inspection Today

All in all, a thorough and in-depth chimney inspection is recommended for any homeowners who hope to get the most from their fireplace this fall and winter. If you are worried that animals are setting up camp in your flue, or if nesting materials are stuck inside of your chimney and you need professional help removing them, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We are happy to help you out every step of the way.

We Don’t Disappoint!

Our mission is to keep the communities we serve as safe as possible and to do everything in our power to reduce incidents related to fires, carbon monoxide exposure, smoke inhalation, and more. When you work with us, you can bet we put your needs first every time, and our extensive list of certifications ensure we truly know our stuff.

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