About your smoke chamber - North reading MA - SweepnmanIt’s hard to find someone that doesn’t appreciate the warmth and ambiance of a cozy crackling fire, but few actually know how their fireplace and chimney work together to create this idyllic aesthetic. With most chimney parts remaining unseen and behind the scenes, knowing the ins and outs of it all can be a challenge.

Well, we’re here to keep you educated and informed on it all! One piece of chimney anatomy that tends to get overlooked more than the others is the smoke chamber. This area needs to be in good condition in order to get the most from your system, but few even know where it is or what it does. Learn more about smoke chambers and their functions below, then reach out to our team today, so we can do a thorough inspection before your burning season officially kicks off. Sweepnman, Inc. has got you covered every step of the way!

The Smoke Chamber & Your Chimney System

Now, in order for your fireplace to function appropriately, your chimney needs to be capable of effectively drafting smoke up and out of your home. Proper ventilation plays a key role in keeping your system running as safely as possible, so ensuring your set-up is looking good, structurally sound, and ready to go is a must before lighting your first fire of the season.

The smoke chamber is the spot between the firebox and the chimney, and it helps funnel smoke, fumes, and potentially harmful gases up the flue. It plays a significant part in keeping airflow moving in the right direction, but only if it is in good shape and free of damage.

If you’re looking to operate a safer and more efficient fireplace this fall, then a smooth, well-sealed smoke chamber is necessary. Fortunately for folks in and around North Reading, our team of experts can help with that.

What To Expect From Our Team

So, what happens after hiring our team of experts to check things over? Well, we will do a thorough examination of your smoke chamber, after which we will suggest steps to repair it. There are a couple of different products we offer. The first is a sealant from HeatShield. This product works great to fill any gaps and cracks, and it comes with a 20-year warranty when applied by a professional – you can’t beat that!

We also offer Chamber Safe which is what we use when parging a smoke chamber smooth. Like, HeatShield, it’s an industry favorite, and it will provide you with long-lasting, seamless results. Whichever option you invest in, your system will be protected for years to come!

We’re Certified, Experienced & Here For You

We are certified with the NFI and the CSIA, and our extensive experience in the chimney industry ensures we never miss a thing when you put your trust in us. We always put the customer first, so you can trust that your vision and wishes will be respected, and our assessments are always honest, in-depth, and constructive.

If you’re looking for the best team in the area, we’re it. Call today, and we get your appointment set up!