Picture a nice, cozy evening snuggled by the fireplace. Friends and loved ones are gathered together, and you’re all warm and toasty, enjoying an evening away from the cold (and possibly snowy) weather outside. Sounds about perfect, right? That is, until smoke starts pouring into your living room! If you seem to be having some chimney draft issues, the time to resolve them is now. Give the staff at Sweepnman, Inc. a call today so that we can help you out!Addressing Chimney Draft Issues - North Reading MA - Sweepnman

Are Blockages Present?

Sometimes, drafting issues can be solved with something as simple as a good sweeping. If you have yet to have your system inspected and swept for the year, call in the staff at Sweepnman, Inc. to get the job done as soon as possible! Not only will this improve performance… it will ensure your system functions safer throughout the cold months, too!

If clogs, excess debris, and creosote are present in your system, smoke won’t have a clear and open pathway to escape. It’s vital to have any obstructions removed from your chimney on a yearly basis, so that you can get the most from your fireplace experience throughout every holiday season. Even the smallest clogs can trigger some big (and dangerous) issues! Don’t take any risks… schedule that inspection today!

Also, keep in mind that issues with the damper and/or chimney cap can trigger annoying and hazardous problems, as well. Our CSIA certified staff will make sure everything is in tip-top shape and working properly. And if it isn’t? We can repair or replace any of your chimney parts, as needed. Count on us to get the job done right!

Need Some Reconstruction Work Done?

We’ve got you covered! Unfortunately, some chimney and fireplace systems just weren’t designed well in the first place. Whether your chimney is too small, too big, too short, or too tall, we can help you out! It may be disheartening to hear you need reconstruction work done, but we guarantee you’ll be more than satisfied with the end results. And once it’s done, you can get back to enjoying your chimney worry-free year after year!

Another issue that may lead to drafting problems is the need for a new liner. If your clay liner is cracking and crumbling, consider investing in a stainless steel option for your chimney. They work with all fuel types, and they will protect your chimney year after year, so you won’t have to worry about poor performance in the future – and most come with a lifetime guarantee!

To learn more about our repair, relining, restoration, and rebuilding services, check out our website or give our expert staff a holler today!

We can’t wait to help you out soon – and for many more years to come! Pick up the phone and call us now!