The Effects of Gas Appliances Venting into Unlined Chimneys

There are thousands of homes with unlined chimney flues in the Merrimack Valley. What an alarming statistic! When it comes to protecting your home, the chimney liner plays an importance role. Unlined chimneys cause the mortar joints and brick to break and crumble at a tremendous rate, which then could cause a blocked chimney and ineffective system overall. Don’t wait any longer, give the CSIA and NFI certified professionals at Sweepnman a call today! 

Reasons to invest in a liner for your gas fireplace

The chimney liner acts as a barrier between the extreme heat and flames of the fireplace from your home. If you do not have one in place, then we are looking at some serious issues. As the chimney vents the gas fires, this sends smoke and condensation upward out of your home. Without a liner in place, your chimney can’t withstand all the smoke and moisture, which causes it to break down and erode quickly. 

  • Chimney liner protects your chimney and home from breaking down and crumbling. 
  • With a chimney liner, your system will work better and you can have peace of mind knowing you are safe.
  • The chimney liner also help with the venting process, which provides a better draft for your fireplace. 

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Troy and Nick did a tremendous job installing a 6″ liner and wood burning insert when another installer was unable to. Very professional, on time, and the quality of work was outstanding. Will be using them to renovate my other chimney this summer.

Katy Banovic

Blown away by the service! Matt was on time, professional and their price was very reasonable! These folks will be my go to and I will tell all my friends and family. Way to go Matt Bennett and staff!