Helpful Appointment Tips


In the fall and winter, our appointment calendar can be booked up as much as one full month in advance. For this reason, it is best to make your annual maintenance appointment during the warmer months. Don’t worry, we will send you annual reminders!

24 Hours in Advance

  • Please do not use your fireplace or stove during the 24-hour period prior to your scheduled appointment. This ensures that we are working on an appliance that has had time to sufficiently cool.
  • We also ask that you remove all ash from the firebox before we arrive.

The Day of Your Appointment

  • Please remove all fragile objects surrounding the fireplace. We require a 5-6 foot radius for equipment purposes.
  • Feel free to watch us in action. As big advocates of education, we are all for learning!

You can count on Sweepnman Chimney for all your chimney, fireplace and stove requirements.