A fireplace brings countless benefits to a living space. It adds warmth and comfort, along with a pleasing aesthetic that simply cannot be beaten. Along with this, a fireplace increases the value of a home and provides a reason to gather everyone together in the same room for some quality family time. Whether you’re spending a rainy spring day indoors, hunkered in for a cold winter evening watching the snow fall, or enjoying a holiday gathering, fireplaces make every experience better.Why Chimney Inspections are Important - North Reading MA - Sweepnman

However, they must be properly taken care of. The CSIA recommends investing in at least one inspection per year, and we’re here to ensure folks in North Reading and all of its surrounding areas don’t need to worry about a thing when it comes to their fireplace and chimney. We perform level 1, 2, and 3 inspections so you can rest easier knowing we’ve got your back no matter what. Learn more below!

The Right Inspection For Your Chimney

So, which type of inspection is right for your needs? Most likely, all you’ll need is a level one inspection. If you regularly invest in inspections and if your fireplace hasn’t gone through any major changes in the last year, then we shouldn’t have to do anything major. In a level one inspection, your sweep will take a thorough look at all of the accessible parts of your chimney to ensure nothing seems out of the ordinary. Along with this, they will check for any excess creosote or potential obstructions.

Should build-up be present, the sweep will suggest a cleaning. Too much creosote in your chimney can lead to potentially hazardous situations, such as chimney fires. Creosote is very flammable, so the more you have the higher your risk! Chimney fires are extremely damaging to your system, and they could harm the people living in the home. Avoid one by investing in an inspection right away.

Have you already experienced a chimney fire? Well, this is when a level two inspection will be necessary. Chimney fires and other serious damage, along with remodels or reconstruction, all merit a level two inspection, which is a little more in-depth than your basic level one. Buying or selling a home? This requires a level two inspections, too! In these cases, the sweep will use a video camera to ensure they can see every nook and cranny possible. Count on us to help you out!

If a level two inspection just won’t cut it, then a level three will be necessary. In a level three inspection, the sweeps will need to actually remove certain parts of the chimney in order to accurately assess the situation. Whatever you need, our CSIA certified team can perform. Count on us to get the job done right!

We Handle Repairs, Too!

A big benefit of investing in regular inspections is the ability to spot damage early and get repair work done in a timely manner. This ensures your home and family stay safer, and it keeps your fireplace in tip-top shape all year round, as well. Springtime is the best time to invest in repairs, inspections, and more! Come fall, you’ll be all set and ready to go. Let our team get to work soon.