Before we know it, Thanksgiving will be here! Not to mention, other holidays fast approaching. That’s why it’s important to ensure your fireplace is in tip top shape before being put to use this winter. There’s no doubt that a crackling fire sets the perfect mood for any get-together or family gathering. Having said that, you need to ensure it’s safe to use before lighting up any fires!

Learn more about why scheduling a fall sweeping is in your best interests, then call us up to book your next appointment. The CSIA certified staff at Sweepnman can’t wait to help you out soon!Fall Chimney Sweepings Are Important! - North Reading MA - Sweepnman

Enhancing Efficiency

The CSIA recommends all fireplace owners invest in at least one inspection per year. This ensures everything is running as efficiently as possible. Additionally, most homeowners like to get it done during fall, since that’s when their fireplace and chimney start seeing more action. Once the temperatures drop, we know people are anxious to get fires going. We just ask that you let us check things over first!

Investing in this regular maintenance will allow us a look inside your chimney. It’s here where we can evaluate if any further sweepings or repairs are necessary. Neglecting this annual inspection can lead to clogs, cracks, holes, and further wear and tear on your entire structure, and it will lead to less efficiency overall. That means less heat output, potential smoke back-up, and you’ll likely face a lot more expenses in damages down the line. Call us in now so that we can address any problems before they get worse!

Keeping Your Home Safer

One of the most important parts of a chimney sweeping is the removal of creosote. Creosote is a substance that forms as fires are burned in your fireplace. It builds up around your chimney, eventually causing lots of big issues, including chimney fires! These materials need to be cleaned out on a regular basis to avoid further damage down the line.

You see, creosote is highly flammable. The more of it that is present in your chimney, the higher your risk is for chimney fires. If you experience a chimney fire, you’re fireplace is unsuitable and unsafe for use, until expensive repairs are completed!

The scariest part of it all? Most of these fires occur unnoticed, which means homeowners are putting their homes at huge risk without even realizing it! The initial fire and heat melts mortar and damages brickwork, weakening the entire structure and leaving holes and gaps where fire can now easily escape. Every time you light a fire after a chimney fire has occurred, the flames get closer and closer to the adjacent woodwork and roofing materials. You and your loved ones could face some serious danger – it’s not worth the risk!

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