Chimneys run better when they’re adequately protected, so equipping yours with the proper parts is important. One thing we encourage homeowners to invest in is a chimney cap. A chimney cap is a device that fits over your flue and protects it from various things that could potentially cause damage. Learn more about the benefits of chimney caps below, then ask our certified team about how they can help you out. We love making chimneys in the area as strong and as efficient as possible!

Preventing Water Damage

The Importance of Chimney Caps - North Reading MA - SweepnmanOne of the biggest reasons homeowners purchase a chimney cap is to prevent water damage. Without a cap in place, your flue is left open and vulnerable, meaning water can easily pour into your chimney. This destroys your liner, weakens your brickwork, and makes your fireplace and chimney unsafe for regular use. It also triggers all types of issues like rot, mold accumulation, rust, deterioration, clogs, and more. Chimney caps offer an easy way to avoid all that stress and hassle at a rate that won’t break your budget.

Avoiding Animal Entry

There’s no doubt that animals in your chimney can trigger quite a few issues. They bring in all types of outdoor materials and sometimes they even attempt to raise their young in there. These leaves, twigs, dirt, and more, along with the animals themselves, can cause clogs and give you more issues than you want to deal with.

Along with this, some outdoor critters, like chimney swifts, are protected and cannot be removed once they’ve settled in. This means you’re stuck waiting on them to leave on their own accord, which could take some time! You’re best bet is to keep them out from the very beginning, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Give us a call, and we’ll set you up right!

No More Downdrafts Or Stray Sparks

Animal entry and water damage are two major things chimney caps help you avoid, but that’s not all they do. They also ensure you don’t have to deal with downdrafts. When harsh winds blow their way into and through your chimney, your warm and toasty home can get cold in a hurry. This is clearly less than ideal, which is why a chimney cap comes in handy. It seals the top of your flue, so you won’t be facing downdrafts anytime soon.

Worried about sparks on your roof? Chimney caps help keep stray sparks and embers from escaping the flue and landing on your flammable roofing materials. It seems as though the list of benefits they offer goes on and on!

We Can Work With You Soon

If you’re ready to have a new chimney cap installed, count on our team to handle the job. We’re CSIA trained and certified to take care of any installation work you throw our way, and we guarantee you’ll be completely satisfied with the results. With spring upon us, our books are more open, so call now to get a time that’s convenient for you. We can’t to help you out!