Summer is moving along quickly, and before we know it, temperatures will drop and fall weather will be here. Because of this, many homeowners are scheduling their annual chimney inspections now to try and beat the fall and winter rush. If you’ve already gotten your maintenance out of the way, great! If not, you should consider scheduling an appointment today!

Why is this regular care so important? Many people find themselves asking this very question, and we’re here to inform you and help you understand it. At Sweepnman, we’ve always got your back!

Spotting Damages Early

spalling masonryOne reason for investing in inspections every year is to spot damages before they become big and dangerous issues. For example, a small crack in your crown could be an easy fix. However, if the damages are left unaddressed, it could let in a lot of water which will deteriorate various parts of your masonry structure. Now you’re looking at lots of repair work ranging from tuckpointing to brick repair to flashing replacement.

All in all, when it comes to your chimney, you need to address any cracks, holes or crumbling before they worsen or spread. Schedule now so we can tackle any issues before the burning season kicks off.

Checking For Creosote

Creosote is another thing sweeps to check for during your annual inspection. This substance form in your chimney throughout your burning season, and it needs to be regularly removed from your system to function safely and efficiently. Creosote can clog up your chimney and break down the structure, but its biggest threat is because it’s highly flammable.

If too much creosote is inside of your flue, it could easily ignite and trigger a chimney fire. A chimney fire will cause significant damage to your chimney, and it will make it unsafe for you to light fires. Your weakened structure will be prone to leak out smoke, flames, and fumes, putting your entire household at risk. If we spot a large amount of creosote, we recommend a sweeping, which our sweeps are trained and qualified to perform. Call us today, and we ensure your chimney is creosote free and safe.

Addressing Obstructions

Animals, nesting materials, twigs, dirt, and more can work their way into your chimney over time. When you light a fire before removing these things, it can lead to some uncomfortable and dangerous scenarios. A clogged up flue does not function well, and you will also have fumes backing up into your home. Let us spot and remove any obstructions now, so you don’t have to stress later. If you need us to install a chimney cap to help keep these things out, we can handle that for you, too!

We Can Provide You With Mess-Free, Reliable Services

When you trust in us, you can rest easy knowing you’re in the best hands around. Our CSIA certified sweeps will treat you and your home with care and respect every step of the way. Ready to get started? Pick up the phone and speak with one of our representatives today!