Professional chimney inspections are a vital part of chimney maintenance, and they should be performed annually. Experts recommend chimney inspections to ensure your home stays as safe as possible and your fireplace runs efficiently. In recent years, sweeps have been able to take things up a notch by incorporating video equipment and scan technology into the level 2 inspections. Learn more about this practice below!

Seeing It All

man inspecting chimneyA major advantage of using video equipment is the ability to view all of the ins and outs of your system with ease. In the past, a sweep just look things over with a flashlight and that was it. When it came to spotting issues in hard to reach places, there wasn’t much to be done. A lot of times, obstructions and clogs would are missed or overlooked.

By using this advanced technology – video, we can easily snake our cameras up your flue and get an up close and in-depth look at those hidden areas. Put your mind at ease, and ask us about scheduling your inspection today!

When Are Level 2 Inspections Necessary?

There are certain scenarios that demand a level 2 inspection. If you have recently experienced a chimney fire or other serious damage, then it’s time to schedule a level 2 inspection. Have you recently experienced an earthquake, tornado, flood, or related disaster? This also calls for a level 2 inspection. Finally, if you have made any major changes such as a change in fuel type, a relining, or similar, you should schedule a level 2 inspection today.

A level 2 inspection is also required for the transaction of a home. Your home inspector may have taken a peek at your chimney, but they are not required to utilize video equipment for a thorough inspection. You are always better off by trusting in a professional chimney sweep from the start!

Our CSIA Certified Sweeps Are Equipped To Help

When dirt, soot, creosote, leaves, nesting materials, and more get stuck inside of your flue, they need to be removed. This ensures safer overall functioning of your fireplace and chimney. Failing to rid your system of these hazards can increase your risk of gas leaks, chimney fires, and more.

At Sweepnman, we are certified with the CSIA. We are also certified with the NFI and the NEHPBA, as well. Along with this, we stay educated and on top of advancements in the field by continuously working with reputable organizations like the NCSG, and the Massachusetts Chimney Sweep Guild. It is our mission to keep homes safe and protected, so reach out to our team of experts today. We are ready to serve you!