If you’re in need of masonry repairsSchedule masonry repairs today - North reading MA - Sweepnman but have been putting off maintenance until fall or winter, don’t wait any longer. Summertime is actually an ideal time to schedule your chimney masonry maintenance, and getting everything out of the way now will ensure you are all set and ready to put your system to use once temperatures drop. If you feel at all concerned about the state of your chimney or fireplace, then now is the time to contact our CSIA certified crew.

Why Is Summertime Ideal?

When it comes to masonry repairs, warmer weather will always produce better results. A lot of the materials we use must cure for a certain amount of time and in a warmer temperature range to get you those long-lasting results you are hoping for. If nasty weather makes an appearance or if colder weather interferes with the curing process, your structure will suffer, and you may need to put off fireplace use until things heat up again.

We’ll also be able to work around your busy schedule easier when performing repairs in the summertime. The closer the holidays get, the more calls we receive, and soon it will become challenging to get a time slot that’s ideal for your calendar. If you want to guarantee a spot that is convenient for you, then calling now is your best bet.

Along with this, some repair jobs take more time than you might expect. If our books are especially full, we may not be able to accommodate you as soon as you’d like. This means putting off your burning season indefinitely, which could lead to some disappointed family members.

The Dangers Of Avoiding This Maintenance

A cracked and crumbling masonry structure can cause a lot of harm to a household. First of all, your chances of experiencing a house or chimney fire will increase significantly. It doesn’t take long for smoke and flames to work their way through a broken liner and reach your adjacent woodwork. Within a few hours, you could be facing a lot of property damage!

Along with this, the risk of poisonous fumes and gases, like carbon monoxide, entering your home will go up substantially. Before long, you and others within your home could feel ill and require prompt medical attention. Hundreds die every single year because of exposure to carbon monoxide and detecting is next to impossible because of its colorless and odorless nature.

If you don’t have a carbon monoxide detector installed in your home, we advise getting this done right away, and be sure to schedule regular professional maintenance, as well. Just one or two simple steps like these could make a big difference for the safety of your home and family!

Schedule Now!

The last thing any homeowner wants is to have a fireplace they can’t even use over the holiday season. Give yourself peace of mind by getting your repair work scheduled today. The final days of ideal masonry repair weather are upon us, so the sooner you book a spot, the better! Our team of experts is waiting for your call.