The Importance of Proper Chimney & Fireplace Maintenance in Merrimack Valley

When it comes to your chimney, proper maintenance and upkeep is the key for a healthy system. The Chimney Safety Institute of America and National Fireplace Institute recommend homeowners to get a chimney inspection at least once a year, and Sweepnman agrees! We want to keep your home and family safe from chimney fires and carbon monoxide leaks by providing the best chimney care around. When your chimney in need, Sweepnman is here to the rescue!

Importance of Proper Fireplace Maintenance & Upkeep


Your fireplace and chimney works hard all winter long to keep your warm and safe, it’s time to invest in some care for them. When it comes to your chimney, there are so many parts that makes it work together. How do you know if all the parts are working properly or not? No worries, Sweepnman is here to help! 


  • Creosote and water are the worst enemies of your masonry chimney, but Sweepnman can clean and waterproof your chimney to protect you.
  • We have over 30 years of experience caring for chimneys, and we are certain our trained, experienced, and knowledgeable team can help you with all of your chimney and fireplace issues. 
  • We also offer video scans to get a closer look at the interior of your chimney to gain a better understanding of the hidden areas.

The Effects of Improper Chimney & Fireplace Maintenance

Check Out What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

I just wanted to let you know what great guys you have working for you! Cody and Sean came to our house in Wakefield yesterday to clean our fireplace and oil fuel liners. We are relatively new to the home, so this was our first sweep. Cody and Sean explained everything they had planned to do, set up a work zone to insure our home was protected while they worked, and went about their business in a very professional manner. They brought to my attention items that could be improved, cleaned up leaving our home clean and in great shape! When the work was finished, Cody again reviewed the work performed, showing me pictures of both flues, explaining what was found and what we were looking at. Very knowledgeable and informative! Pricing was reviewed and explained.

Walter Byrnes

This company was wonderful! From the first phone call to cleaning our chimney, installing a stainless steel liner, repairing the flashing and mortar. They were on time, professional, and scheduled us quickly. Have used them before and will use them again. I highly recommend them!

Joanne Viola