Between social media and online search engines, finding ways to do home projects and maintenance, without hiring out, has never been easier – or more popular. And we get it! Sometimes, taking certain jobs on yourself can save you a lot of money, while still providing great results. Yet, when it comes to chimney care this isn’t a good option.

Importance Of CSIA Certified Work Image - North Reading MA - SweepnmanAt Sweepnman, we’ve gone through a lot of training and education to learn the ins and outs of various chimney systems. So, we know how intricate they can be. That’s why we advise homeowners to invest in a CSIA certified professional every time work is needed. It’s the best way to get the long-lasting results you deserve!

About The CSIA

The Chimney Safety Institute Of America (CSIA) is a widely recognized non-profit organization that sets the standard for chimney care across the country. They have a rigorous code of ethics and require regular re-certification in order for sweeps to hold their CSIA title. It’s a company that is entirely dedicated to spreading safety knowledge to every home possible, which is why anyone associated with them is highly-esteemed in the chimney industry.

Keeping Your Home Safer

Investing in a CSIA certified technician will benefit the safety and integrity of your chimney structure, in more ways than you can imagine. Like we said, learning the proper care for all of these parts takes a lot of effort and time. That’s why it’s important to use the right tools and techniques in every aspect of chimney maintenance.

Take, for instance, a chimney sweeping. This is a service that chimney owners should invest in at least once per year. Additionally, it’s a job that needs to be done right in order to be effective. It’s easy to miss large areas of creosote. Not to mention any other areas that are neglected. Missing these leave your chimney vulnerable to chimney fires – which isn’t good for your chimney liner or your home.

Creosote accumulation, broken down chimney parts, and incorrect installation jobs. These are all things that leave your home more vulnerable and put your family at a higher risk! Whether it’s a house fire, smoke backup, exposure to hazardous toxins, or a weak structure, your loved ones could face some serious illness or injuries.

On top of everything, you’ll wind up wasting any money you saved on more expensive repair jobs, medical bills, and reconstruction/replacement of damaged items. In the long run, you’re better off investing in a CSIA certified professional (like the staff at Sweepnman) from the start. It’s a choice you won’t regret! Plus, you and your family will gain the peace of mind they are seeking.

Keeping Your System More Efficient

Ensuring your system is running efficiently is also a priority. Well-working systems save you time and money. They distribute more heat to your home. This helps you spend less on your monthly bills, and they minimize stress involved in trying to self-diagnose issues within your chimney and fireplace.

You know you’re better off investing in an expert, so why not give our staff a call? Pick up the phone now!