Experiencing cold drafts through your chimney is never a pleasant experience. Not only does it make your home uncomfortable and chilly, it puts a strain on your energy bills, as well! A crackling fire can set the perfect mood, but if it is letting in cold air when it is not in use, those cozy fires don’t feel worth it.

It’s time to learn why a draft is an issue and figure out how to fix it. There are multiple reasons why you could be experiencing problems, and our team can help you figure it out. Work with us today, so that your home is comfortable and cozy once again.

The Stack EffectDraft Issues In The Winter

Draft issues often occur as a result of the stack effect. What is the stack effect? When the warm air in your home rises, it needs a place to escape from. It will exit your home through any small openings available, then new cold air will come in to make up for the air that was lost. Eventually, that cool air will warm up, rise, and exit the home, thus creating a cycle that we call the stack effect.

According to how your air is flowing, a Neutral Pressure Plane is created with positive pressure on top and negative pressure on the bottom. It is when this plane gets off balance that you will start experiencing issues with draft in your home.

Finding Solutions

Doing things like opening windows in tighter houses or burning hotter fires are some simple solutions to draft problems, but they do not always work. Other times more extensive work needs to be completed, in which case a CSIA certified chimney sweep will need to get on the job to help you out.

If it is a problem with your damper, chimney height, improper installation, creosote build-up, or clogs then the crew at Sweepnman, Inc. is the team to trust. We can inspect your chimney and find the issue, so you are back to enjoying your fireplace.

Count On Us To Keep Your Home Safer

Poor draft can result in smoke and other gases backing up into your home. Some dangerous fumes, like carbon monoxide, are very hard to detect and can make your loved ones very ill. Because of this, it is important to resolve airflow issues as soon as possible and to trust in a chimney company that knows their stuff.

Our team is educated, experienced, and ready to handle the job. Depend on us from here on out for the best results around. We are eager to get you where you need to be!