There’s no doubt that damaged masonry is a bit of an eyesore. When in pristine condition, masonry can be a beautiful and classic-looking addition to any home, but when it’s worn down and deteriorated, it’s anything but attractive. Fortunately for homeowners throughout the area, the CSIA certified crew at Sweepnman, Inc. can help you out with all of your chimney masonry repairs!Chimney Masonry Repairs - North Reading Massachusetts - Sweepnman

Many put off this maintenance, but this can put you at risk for bigger issues. Learn more below, then give us a call so we can help you out soon!

Dangers Of Neglect

Investing in masonry repairs may seem like something you can put off. After all, brickwork is strong and sturdy, so it should hold up fine, right? Not exactly. Neglecting necessary repair work can put you home and you at some serious risks. Decay and deterioration take their toll and could eventually cause your system to form cracks and holes, along with crumbling mortar. As things weaken, you may eventually face a settlement or collapse, both of which put your family in danger and cost an arm and a leg to fix.

Along with this, damages only get worse as time goes by, encouraging excessive creosote buildup and causing potential gas leaks. The more creosote you have in your chimney, the higher the risk is for a chimney fire, which is extremely damaging to your system. You will likely need to invest in a rebuild, which is time-consuming and expensive, and your fireplace will be unsafe and unfit for regular use until repair work is completed.

Gas leaks, on the other hand, don’t damage your chimney, but they put your friends and family at risk for some serious (sometimes life-threatening) illnesses. When cracks, holes, and similar damages form, it’s easier than ever for dangerous fumes, like carbon monoxide, to enter your living space and affect the health of those within your home. Avoid any problems by having us come check things out right away. You deserve that peace of mind!

Call Us Now While The Weather Is Nice

Springtime is ideal for chimney repairs in more ways than one. First of all, our schedule is nice and open! This means you can easily get an appointment at a time that works best for you. Instead of waiting until fall when things get jam-packed, get all of your maintenance out of the way right now, so you can rest easy when temperatures drop again.

Along with this, the products needed for these repair jobs need to properly cure in a specific temperature range. Warm weather brings about the best results so that you get that long-lasting and sturdy dependability you’re hoping for.

When fall comes back around, don’t be stuck waiting for an opening, so that you can get repairs done and enjoy your fireplace. Call us in right now to check things out, so on that first cold day, you’ll be good to go. Get our professional team at your home now!