Are problems with your fireplace making you less than excited about kicking off your burning season this fall? If you’re eager to enjoy a crackling fire but are hesitant to do so because of issues with smoke back-up, lack of heating, draft problems, and more, then it’s time to work with the team at Sweepnman, Inc. to find a solution that works best for you.

Something that has been making a huge difference in homes throughout our service area is Ahren-Fire fireplace restoration. This service allows us to install a system into your existing fireplace that will help with many of the problems you’re likely experiencing. The best part is, it doesn’t require an entire renovation or reconstruction job! Once we have the Ahren-Fire restoration system installed, you’ll be all set and ready to enjoy a cozy fire in no time.

What Sets Ahren-Fire Apart?



We love working with Ahren-Fire because their restoration systems come as a complete package, ensuring you get everything you need from one simple service. From top to bottom, your fireplace and chimney will be better protected, and you’ll soon realize that every piece of this product is designed to provide you with countless benefits when enjoying a crackling flame evening after evening.

We also promote Ahren-Fire because they always meet the coding and regulations set by the Underwriters Laboratory, guaranteeing a safer and more comfortable environment for our customer base. And if they’re not meeting the expectations of the UL, then they’re exceeding them! This is a product that will stand the test of time, while keeping your safety in mind as the top priority, no matter what.

Another great aspect of utilizing this system is that it is designed to work with all types of fireplaces, no matter their size or shape. If you love the way your fireplace looks, don’t stress because Ahren-Fire restoration systems allow you better protection without changing the face or appearance of your current set-up. The only change you’ll notice is better efficiency, more controlled heat output, and a less smoky living space – nothing to complain about there!

Why Are We The Team To Trust?

So, why hire the team at Sweepnman, Inc. to install your new Ahren-Fire restoration system? Because ever since our start back in 2004, we’ve always put our customers first. We believe that education and training are essential in keeping our service areas satisfied, which is why all of our sweeps are certified with the CSIA.

Our experienced owner is also certified with the CSIA, as well as the NFI and the NEHPBA, and our entire crew takes advantage of countless educational opportunities offered through organizations like the National Chimney Sweep Guild, the NEHPBA, the NFI, and the Massachusetts Chimney Sweep Guild.

We’re confident that we can serve all of your fireplace and chimney needs, and we’re eager to get your system back to where it needs to be. If you’re looking to gain comfort and peace of mind throughout the cold months ahead, then let us help you get your fireplace ready to go. Give us a call today.