How We’re Dealing with the COVID-19 Virus

Sweepnman, Inc. prioritizes cleanliness, health, and safety first and foremost during times such as these. Please take the time to review the following precautions that we’re taking to ensure our customers’safety and well being before, during, and after each job.

  • Our technicians will wear the proper face masks before entering your home & during the job.
  • Our technicians will possess the proper footwear before entry into the household.
  • Our technicians will wear latex gloves & minimize unnecessary contact with surfaces.
  • Our technicians will keep hand sanitizer available always in the service vehicle and on the job for usage.
  • Our technicians will keep the proper distance (6 ft. or more) from customers during the job.
  • We will do anything to promote health and cleanliness upon arrival to ensure safety.If you have any special requests for us before entering your home, please give us a call and let us know at 978-664-6642 today.