Sweepnman’s Team Provides Comprehensive Wood & Pellet Stove Service To North Shore & Beyond

While wood and pellet stoves are sturdy and built to provide years of warmth and enjoyment, they do require some service from time to time, and Sweepnman can help. We service and install wood and pellet stoves of all makes and models, and can make sure your stove stays in great shape, season after season and year after year. Here are some of the stove services you can count on Sweepnman’s certified chimney sweeps to take care of for you:

  • Wood & Pellet Stove Installation — Proper installation is key and will largely determine the performance, safety, and enjoyment of your stove. Here at Sweepnman, we understand just how important installation is, which is why we follow manufacturer’s instructions exactly, check for proper clearance from combustibles, and double check everything from start to finish. Whether you’re replacing an old stove or adding a new stove to a different space in your home, we’ll take care of everything, and make sure your new stove is properly installed and vented.
  • Wood & Pellet Stove Service — One of the biggest factors in the performance and safety of your stove (aside from installation) is how often it has been swept. If soot, ash, and creosote are allowed to build up on your stove and the connected venting, performance, and safety can suffer greatly. Make stove sweeping a priority and let Sweepnman professionally and efficiently sweep your stove and stove pipe on a regular basis to ensure optimal performance and safety. We’ll even clean the glass to keep your view clear, bright, and beautiful!
  • Ventis Pellet Stove Pipe Installation — Adding your stove to a room without a chimney? We install Ventis pellet stove pipe and can make sure your new stove is ready to work efficiently and effectively. Available in painted or unpainted options, this stove pipe is designed to look great and provide years of venting service.

Whether you need a sweeping or an installation, you simply have questions about pellet or wood stoves, or you’d like tips on performance and maintenance, reach out to Sweepnman at 978-664-6642 or through our online scheduling form. We’re here to help you get more enjoyment from your wood and pellet stove, year after year.


One of the chimney and fireplace services we offer that might surprise you is chimney pressure washing. Who wouldn’t enjoy a cleaner, fresher-looking chimney to improve your home’s curb appeal? Ask us for details.